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Designer Friendly Templates in Lift

Today I’ve read an article about 7 reasons why “Lift is the most powerful, most secure web framework available today”. One of the reasons got my attention - Designer Friendly Templates. First thing in my mind was - What does “designer friendly template” has to do with security and power of web framework ? The second thought was after reading the argument for the previous statement:

The designers do not have to learn any tag libraries or any other language.

Ok, so it’s easy to learn css class names rather then take 15 minutes to learn template engine like haml or mustache ? Really ? 

I’ve looked over Scala/Lift and I think it’s pretty neat combination, but these guys need to learn how to promote their product. Every time I read/hear something from Lifts camp it’s always the same : “Secure, powerfull” and still I don’t really understand why it’s better than Django/Rails for example.