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Kod - a programmers' editor for OS X

Today I’ve heard about Kod - “programmers” editor based on Chromium with support for Node.js scripting. You can read all over the place how cools it is and some other shit about this editor. I decided to try it out, but when I downloaded it that’s what happened:

Kod fucking bullshit error message

Then I’ve read that Kod is optimized for 10.6 which as you can see I’m not running. How the hell you can optimize a text editor ? This is insane. VIM is fast, Emacs is fast. And we’re talking about 25+ years old editors. I know that Mac is cool and Chrome is cool and Node.js is cool, but this is just wrong. An editor which runs only on 10.6 is the “programmers” editor ? No Linux, no Windows version, damn it, no 10.5 version ? 

Syntax highlighting distributed across available CPU cores ? What a joke.